Brenda Black collection (updated JANUARY, 2016)

Titles highlighted in red are in actual collection




AC/DC “We Still Have Guts”

MGM Grand

Aerosmith “The Hard Way” in Las Vegas November 25, 1977$_57.JPG



Allen & Rossi “Hello Dere” Live at Sands

Allen & Rossi “In Person” Live Recording at Sands Las Vegas





Paul Anka Live at Caesars Palace 1975

Paul Anka “Black Tie” Caesars Palace





Ray Anthony Show at Sahara Hotel LV

NEW Ray Anthony Show at Sahara

March 7, 1960






Murray Arnold Trio

Live at Wilbur Clark’s Desert Inn






Dave Barry Live at Sahara

Dave Barry Live at Sahara reverse






Count Basie Live at the Sands

Count Basie “Standing Ovation” Live at Tropicana 1969









Tony Bennett Live At The Sahara 1964

Dave Brubeck “Jackpot” at Flamingo Room Tropicana June 14-16,1966





Foster Brooks Live From Las Vegas  at Desert Inn

Foster Brooks “The Loveable Lush”

at LV Hilton 1973





Godfrey Cambridge at Aladdin’s Bagdad Theater

George Carlin Live at UNLV 1975





Brothers Castro

Live at Harrah’s Tahoe

Checkmates Live at Caesars Palace 1966$_57.JPG



Sonny & Cher Live Las Vegas

Sahara   June-August, 1973

Sonny & Cher Live In Las Vegas vol.2

at Sahara






“Roy Clark Live” Landmark-1972







Nat King Cole at the Sands

Nat King Cole At The Sands Live

January 13-14, 1960





Perry Como at International Hotel

June 25-27, 1970

Ray Conniff Live at Sahara Tahoe





Dick Contino Live at the

Fabulous Flamingo   1958

Alice Cooper Live - Aladdin Hotel

August 19-20, 1977





Bill Cosby Live at International Hotel Las Vegas

Bill Cosby at Harrah’s Reno – Fat Albert






Norm Crosby Live from Las Vegas

Noel Coward Live in Las Vegas and New York





Noel Coward Live at Wilbur Clark’s Desert Inn

Noel Coward at Las Vegas





Bill Dana In Las Vegas  Hotel Sahara

Billy Daniels Live at the Stardust 1960





“Danny Davis & The Nashville Brass Live in Las Vegas” Fremont-1977

Sammy Davis Jr./Buddy Rich “Sounds of ‘66” - Sands Hotel December, 1966





Sammy Davis meets Sam Butera & The Wildness

Sammy Davis, Jr. Live at Sands Hotel






Vic Damone Live In Las Vegas

Vic Damone Live from Las Vegas





Bobby Darin Live From Las Vegas

Jimmy Dean at Harrah’s Reno 1968$T2eC16JHJFoE9nh6m970BQz,JZiZV!~~60_57.JPG



Fats Domino  Live in Las Vegas International

Fats Domino ’65 Live at The Flamingo

June, 1965





Fats Domino “Blueberry Hill” at Flamingo Hotel

Dovells Live In Las Vegas






Billy Eckstine Live at New Frontier Hotel August 30, 1960






Vince Edwards in Person at Riviera

May 22, 1963

Vince Edwards in Person at Riviera reverse  May 22, 1963





Elvis Live at International Hotel August, 1969

Elvis “Live In Las Vegas





Elvis “Don’t Wonna Sing These Songs” LV Hilton

Midnight show August 12, 1971

“Don’t Wonna Sing These Songs” Back cover

Midnight show August 12, 1971





Elvis “Live In Action” Las Vegas Hilton Feb. 21m 1971

Elvis at LV Hilton International Hotel January 28 & February 23, 1971





Elvis “Stronger Than Pride”  Hilton Showroom Feb. 23, 1972 dinner show

Elvis “Live in Las Vegas” International Hotel August, 1969





Elivs Live at Las Vegas Hilton

Dinner Date August 20, 1970

Elvis “Live In Las Vegas”$_57.JPG$_57.JPG



Elvis Live In Vegas August 26, 1969 Dinner Show

Elvis Live at International Hotel Dinner Show August 12, 1970$_57.JPG



Elvis Presley “On Stage” Las Vegas February 19, 1970

Elvis at Las Vegas Hilton (promo)$_57.JPG



Elvis “Sold Out” Sept. 2, 1973

Elvis “King of Las Vegas” Live





Elvis in person International Hotel

August 22-26, 1969

Elvis “Back In Memphis” Live at International Hotel






Freddy Fender at Silverbird Las Vegas






Fleetwood Mac Live at Aladdin - 1977

Redd Foxx Live in Las Vegas$(KGrHqNHJC0E+bO0GG8hBP4LNO3hCg~~60_57.JPG



Connie Francis Live at Sahara Las Vegas  May 13-15, 1966

David Frost Live at Riviera Las Vegas





“The Gaylords Party Style”

Thunderbird - 1962

Gaylords Live at Lake Tahoe - 1963






George Gobel in person At The Sands

Goldtones at Teenbeat Club in Las Vegas






Jan Garber “On Stage” Live at Desert Inn January 21-22, 1965

Benny Goodman Sextet Live In Las Vegas

Tropicana December 31, 1966





Harlem Kiddies “LIVE” From Las Vegas with King George

Lionel Hampton Charlie Teargarden Live at the Silver Slipper March 20, 1963$_57.JPG



Isaac Hayes Live at Sahara Tahoe

Lena Horne at the Sands Las Vegas November 3-5, 1960





Recorded Live at Riviera 1971

Englebert Humperdinck

Englebert Humperdinck at Riviera

June 30-July 27, 1971





Ink Spots at Hacienda  1964

Hiroshi Itsuki live at Las Vegas Hilton







Elton John “Red Piano” Live at Caesars Palace





Tom Jones Live at Flamingo 1970

Tom Jones Live in Las Vegas at The Flamingo





Tom Jones Live at Caesars Palace

Tom Jones at Caesars Palace$(KGrHqF,!k0FJ,bPYiJgBSd-!ygt3g~~60_57.JPG$_57.JPG



Tom Jones Live In Las Vegas

Flamingo – June 6-July 2, 1969

Tom Jones Live In Las Vegas (Japan)$_57.JPG



Jack Jones In Person at the Sands, Las Vegas  July 9-10, 1970

Mary Kaye Trio Casbar Lounge Sahara Hotel   1960






Stan Kenton at Tropicana

February 5, 1959







Joe E. Lewis “It Is Now Post Time”

at Flamingo Hotel

Jerry Lee Lewis at the International Las Vegas May 22-23, 1970





Lloyd Lindroth Live at Tropicana

Guy Lombardo “Is That All There Is?”

Tropicana - 1969





“Judy Lynn Sings At Caesars Palace”

March 15-April 11, 1969

Judy Lynn Sings at Golden Nugget





“Gloria Lynn at the Las Vegas Thunderbird”  December 1, 1962

Dean Martin at The Sands Hotel 1964





Danny Marona Live at Sahara Tahoe

Danny Marona Live at Sahara Tahoe reverse album cover





“Tony Martin At The Desert Inn”

August 25-September 21, 1959

Jane Mansfield at The Dunes 1962$T2eC16hHJHEFFmSOZsUYBRZr6It(j!~~60_57.JPG



Johnny Mathis “In Person”  Live in Las Vegas  Caesars Palace May 15-26, 1971

“Merman In Vegas” Ethel Merman

Flamingo Hotel - February 2, 1961$(KGrHqJ,!hoE+FUiz,SZBQ!KlVVj!w~~60_57.JPG



Sandy Nelson Live In Las Vegas  1964

Bob Newhart “This Is It” at Crystal Room

Desert Inn 1977





Wayne Newton at the Frontier-1972

“Best Of Wayne Newton” Live at Sands 1974





Shamus O’Gould & Joe Sodja at Golden Nugget

Buck Owens at John Ascuaga’s Nugget





Buck Owens Live In Las Vegas

Buck Owens Big In Vegas

Bonanza  July 17-31, 1969





“The Tommy Overstreet Show Live From The Silver Slipper” 1975

“Patty Page On Stage”

Dunes February 9-10, 1962





The Tony Pastor Show at Stardust

Shakin’ Up Vegas” - 1960

Jan Peerce in Las Vegas





Louis Prima Jackpot at Sahara - 1959

Louis Prima Jackpot at Sahara reverse





Louis Prima Keely Smith Sam Butera and The Wildest at Lake Tahoe

Louis Prima Keely Smith Live at Sahara Hotel - 1958





“Louis Prima Play Pretty For The People”   Sahara - 1963

“On Stage”  Louis Prima/Sam Butera

Desert Inn December, 1960





“Blast Off”  The Live New Sound of Louis Prima”  Sands - 1970

“Prima Show In The Casbar” Sahara

Sahara - 1963$_57.JPG



Rat Pack Live at the Sands

September 7, 1963

Johnny Ray at Wilbur Clark’s Desert Inn Las Vegas  October 25-27, 1957





Rhodes Kids Live at LV Hilton

Buddy Rich Live at Caesars Palace - 1968





Buddy Rich Big Band “Keep The

Customer Satisfied”  Tropicana 1970

Buddy Rich Big Band Live at Tropicana and Caesars Palace





Don Rickles Live at Sahara

“Hello Dummy” - 1968

Diana Ross & Supremes “Farewell” at New Frontier January 14, 1970$_57.JPG



Diana Ross at Caesars Palace - 1973

Tommy Sands at The Sands Las Vegas 1960





Ben Sanders Live at the Landmark

“The Sentinels Vegas Go-Go”

Teen Beat Club - 1964





Frank Sinatra live at Golden Nugget

Sinatra, Dean Martin, Sammy Davis, Jr. Rat Pack Live at the Sands 1963





Sinatra at The Sands

Sinatra with Count Basie at The Sands





Nina Simone “Live in Las Vegas 1965”

The Starfires at Teenbeat A Go Go Las Vegas  1964





“Jeff Sturges & Universe”

Caesars Palace - 1971

“Las Vegas Welcomes Sunny And The Sunliners”  1968





Sunny and the Sunliners


Kay Stevens “Ruckus At The Riviera”

August 17, 1961





Charlie Teagarden “The Big Horn Of Little T”  Silver Slipper - 1962

“Hank Thompson At The Golden Nugget” March 24-25, 1961





Milt Trenier/Micki Lynn “Carryin’ On” Live at Caesars Palace

“The Treniers Wild & Live At The Flamingo”  1970$(KGrHqFHJBME9rY6tOH+BPhH33E3h!~~60_57.JPG



Rusty Warren Recorded Live 1967 In Las Vegas Aladdin Hotel Baghdad Theater

Rusty Warren “Bottoms Up” at Thunderbird 1964 and Aladdin 1965







The White Stripes Live in Las Vegas$(KGrHqJHJCQE9qvQ6vpoBPdiM(7DUw~~60_57.JPG



Tex Williams Recorded Live at the Mint Club - 1963

Untamed Youth  Fabulous El Morocco Lounge$_57.JPG



Silvie Vartan Live In Las Vegas

Silvie Varten Live In Las Vegas MGM





Lawrence Welk Live at Harrah’s Lake Tahoe

Willie & Family Live






Si Zetner 1977 Harvest Moon Ball ATA Convention Las Vegas











Lonnie Smith “Move Your Hand” Recorded live at Club Harlem, Atlantic City August 9, 1969




Wild Bill Davis & Johny Hodges at Gracie’s Little Belmont Atlantic City

Slappy White at Club Harlem A.C.





Cruise Ship S.S. Nassau

Miss America Presents




Tahoe Harrah’s Club Guy Lombardo