Atlantic City Silver Strikes

Welcome to the new addition to ACCHIPS website.  Yes; I also collect silver strikes as well as casino chips.   I am grateful to Dennis Garnier for his expertise in putting this section of my website together for the silver strike collector.   It is the only website I know of that offers a comprehensive illustrated reference catalog of every Atlantic City silver strike that has been produced.

As most Atlantic City silver strike collectors know, there are no more silver strike machines to be found in A.C. for the past several years.   The only Atlantic City silver strikes that are available are in the hands of collectors and dealers and some of them are quite rare Ö such as the $20 Space Series from Trump Marina.   Trading current Nevada silver strikes for obsolete Atlantic City strikes that are no longer produced is not an even proposition; so donít even ask.

Because of the high volatility of constant changes and updates in my silver strike traders, I am unable to maintain on this website a permanent list of strikes I have for trade.   My trade list of Nevada strikes is substantially larger than my inventory of Atlantic City strikes.   As of this writing, I have well over 200 different Nevada silver strikes for trade. I would be happy to send a list of strikes I currently have for trade upon request to anyone who wishes to receive a copy.

I would be eager to hear from you.

Happy strike hunting Ö Archie Black